About Theresa Lee Cutts


 Home grown in Vancouver, Theresa loves the beauty of the West Coast and endeavours to bring that beauty into the homes of her clients.Theresa believes a persons home can inspire a mood, reflect your personality, embrace you like a comforting hug and create memories.

     With her 20 years of experience helping clients find their own personal style, she is able to guide them in the process of achieving the results they dream of.

     Theresa also being a licensed realtor can assist clients in the staging of their homes to ensure that they receive the maximum financial rewards in the shortest amount of time.

     She is able to assist in choosing paint colours, room design and furniture purchases. As well she can transfer the design style to the outdoor living space and garden and add huge curb appeal as well as added value to the home.

    Whether you wish to sell your home and need her staging assistance or would like to refresh the one you are in for added future enjoyment she has the magic touch you need.

     Theresa can make the difference in any project large or small to ensure positive results and make the experience enjoyable and stress free, helping you save time and money.